Clever election campaign in Renaissance Venice

Isotta Nogarola was the correspondent of Foscarini Woodcut_of_Isotta_Nogarola_(1418–1466)_an_Italian_writer_and_intellectual_who_is_said_to_be_the_first_major_female_humanist_and_one_of_the_most_important_humanists_of_the_Italian_Renaissance._From_De_vita_van_ Isotta_Nogarola_in_de_catalogus_van_Jacobus_Philippus_Bergomensis_uit_1497.

Ludovico Foscarini corresponded, among others, with the humanist Isotta Nogarola, who can be seen here in a wood engraving from 1497.
Mauritius Images / Lake-view Images / Alamy / Alamy Stock Photos

How do you campaign remotely? In the 15th century, the politician Ludovico Foscarini wrote humanist letters with which he manipulated voters in Venice - even when he was far away.


In 1453, the famous humanist Isotta Nogarola received one

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