Corona: Green politician advises masks – President of the Medical Association against duty

Corona: Green politician advises masks - President of the Medical Association against compulsory
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The corona numbers are currently increasing. The health policy spokesman for the Green Party parliamentary group therefore recommends wearing masks – especially in the healthcare sector. Meanwhile, the president of the medical association appears calm.

The number of corona infections is currently increasing, although the level has so far been low. Experts fear an autumn with more cases. The Green health politician Janosch Dahmen therefore recommends wearing protective masks.

“In order to protect yourself from acute respiratory diseases, it may also make sense to wear a protective mask in care facilities, clinics and other parts of the healthcare system this autumn,” explained the health policy spokesman for the Green parliamentary group in an interview with the Editorial Network Germany (RND). .

“There is increasing evidence that the burden on the healthcare system due to acute respiratory infections could increase significantly again in the coming autumn-winter season,” continued Dahmen.

President of the Medical Association: Mask requirement is currently not necessary

The Green politician therefore advocates taking a closer look at the development of the number of cases again. For example, by evaluating wastewater data and reference practices.

Meanwhile, the President of the German Medical Association, Klaus Reinhardt, is less concerned. “The corona virus is a virus (…) with which we have developed a certain coexistence,” he says on Deutschlandfunk. A mask requirement is currently not necessary. People could decide for themselves whether they want to wear a mask.

The number of respiratory diseases always increases in autumn and winter; this applies to flu and RSV as well as to Corona. It will certainly be stressful again this year for doctors’ practices and hospitals, said Reinhardt. If you have an acute respiratory illness, you should generally take it easy for a few days and not go out among people, he recommends.

Source: RND, Material dpa

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