Cupra Born up to €4,000 less expensive

Stronger implementation now also with subsidy

Cupra Born

Cupra is printing some discount tickets on the fully electric Born. The starting price remains the same, but some stronger versions become cheaper. The price reductions amount to €4,000.

As before, the Cupra Born can be ordered for at least €39,990 and you will then receive the keys to the 204 hp version with a 58 kWh battery pack, designed as Impulse. It is also available as an Edition and costs €41,990. So far nothing new, but above that the price gap to the next choice shrinks considerably. If you wanted the 231 hp Cupra Born, you used to pay at least €47,490, but now it will be €43,990. As Adrenaline, the price is reduced by €3,500 and the 231 hp Cupra Born can now also be purchased with a €2,950 SEPP subsidy.

For the more extensive versions of the 231 hp version, the Performance and the Copper Edition, even €4,000 is deducted. These two are now available for €46,990 and €49,990 respectively. Finally, there is a choice of the 231 hp Cupra Born with the 77 kWh battery pack. It is available as Adrenaline for €49,990 and as Performance for €52,990, price drops of €2,000 and €2,500 respectively. You can order immediately.

Prices Cupra Born

Battery Assets Range Performance From price Price reduction
58 kWh 204 hp up to 427 km Impulse €39,990
58 kWh 204 hp up to 427 km Edition €41,990
58 kWh 231 hp up to 420 km Adrenaline €43,990 €3,500
58 kWh 231 hp up to 420 km Performance €46,990 €4,000
58 kWh 231 hp up to 420 km Copper Edition €49,990 €4,000
77 kWh 231 hp up to 550 km Adrenaline €49,990 €2,000
77 kWh 231 hp Up to 550 km Performance €52,990 €2,500

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