Cupra Terramar: Cupra’s Version of New Audi Q3 Caught

Cupra Terramar strikingly dressed

Spyshots Cupra TerramarSpyshots Cupra TerramarSpyshots Cupra TerramarSpyshots Cupra TerramarSpyshots Cupra Terramar

Spyshots Cupra Terramar

Cupra’s delivery range currently consists of the Born, Formentor, Leon and Leon Sportstourer. Cupra will add three new models in the coming years. One of these is the Cupra Terramar, which has now appeared in public for the first time in test suit.

Cupra is a special brand within the Volkswagen Group. Cupra was once the designation for sporty Seats, but in 2018 it became its own brand. Although Cupra has been separated from Seat, for the time being it only has one model on the menu that you cannot buy in a milder form from another brand of the Volkswagen Group: the Formentor. Up to and including 2025, Cupra will introduce three models on the market that should significantly expand the Cupra family: the electric Urbanrebel, the electric Tavascan and the Terramar.

Cupra Terramar

The Cupra Terramar has already been shown by Cupra, but not yet in detail.

Cupra has already briefly shown the Terramar this year, but the car has not yet experienced a real debut. That is not so strange, after all, the Cupra Terramar will only roll off the line for the first time in 2024. Cupra will produce the Terramar in Györ, Hungary, side by side with the next Audi Q3. In short, the Cupra Formentor is therefore Cupra’s sister model of the new Q3 yet to be released. It is therefore not very surprising that Cupra uses the carriage of a current Q3 to test the Terramar technology in practice.

The Cupra Terramar will be about 4.5 meters long and will be available on the European market with a range of conventional combustion engines and plug-in hybrid powertrains. There will be no electric variant, just like the next Audi Q3. The Terramar is drawn in accordance with Cupra’s new house style, which means that the SUV will have flat headlights without a cooling slot or grille in between, which is located lower in the front on future models. It looks like the Spaniards have already molded a Cupra-like front on the body of the current Audi Q3 on this test sample.


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