Curator Spyker in search of ‘disappeared’ C8 Preliator

The promising reincarnation of the Dutch Spyker went down like a candle. The trustee has been trying for some time to put things in order at a bankrupt part of Spyker, but it turns out that a lot is wrong.

At the turn of the century, entrepreneur Victor Muller breathed new life into the famous Dutch brand Spyker. With the spectacular C8 Spyder, the brand entered the stage of super exclusive supercars for the very rich. A promising start, but in the years that followed, there was mainly financial malheur, bought and sold the Saab, and special concept cars were introduced that never reached the production stage. Spyker Cars went bust, was able to continue later and is officially still among us. After promising plans in 2018, things have been quiet for a while, so Muller’s boundless optimism still doesn’t seem to be really paying off. A year ago it turned out that Spyker could not afford the rent of the property in Zeewolde and earlier this year it was announced that Spyker Services, the aftersales division of the brand, is bankrupt.

A further chapter in Spyker’s problem series is now developing around the latter. The trustee late RTL News know that there is a lot of hassle around the settlement of the bankruptcy. For example, this branch of the company would not have its own account, had not submitted any annual accounts to the Chamber of Commerce in 2018 and the bookkeeping is ‘largely missing’. Creditors would be good for a claim of at least € 800,000, but that money is not yet available from the remains. According to the curator, it is a tangle of shifted contents between other parts of Spyker. A German-Luxembourg company is also involved, which bought part of Spyker Services, but is still not in control of everything.

Quite a headache file, therefore, with one very striking ‘disappearance’. According to the books, a Spyker C8 Preliator would originally belong to the inventory of Spyker Services, but it has been sold to another division of Spyker. According to the trustee, the amount involved, no less than € 315,000, cannot be found at Spyker Services. Where it is and where the car can be found now would not be clear. The curator adds RTL Z indicates that he hopes to come to an agreement with Muller (who did not want to respond to the same medium), but otherwise he will have to sell things more at his own discretion in order to satisfy the creditors. This will undoubtedly get a tail end.

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