CyberGhost: how to unblock Netflix, Amazon Prime Disney+?

VPNs have long been used by professionals and businesses before becoming more widely available to individuals. This success is largely explained by their ability to bypass the geographic restrictions of popular streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+. In this area, CyberGhost is particularly effective.

Content from streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ may be more or less rich depending on geographic areas. They depend on copyrights and licensing contracts established with production companies and which are generally specific to each region. To summarize, films, documentaries and TV series from video platforms can either simply be broadcast on different dates or reserved exclusively for particular countries. Many contents which are, for example, available in the US and UK catalogs of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ are not available in France.

To respect their commitments, SVOD services have therefore put in place geographical restrictions to prevent Internet users from accessing their catalogs located in countries other than the one in which they are located. Thanks to a VPN, it is therefore possible on paper to bypass these restrictions by modifying your IP address by connecting to a VPN server located in the desired location. In practice, however, things are far from that simple and only a handful of VPNs are ultimately capable of unblocking streaming services without being detected. This is the case of CyberGhost which offers a wide choice of servers specifically optimized to unblock Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Disney+.

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Change geographic location

Before accessing the SVOD service, launch the CyberGhost desktop or mobile client and log in by entering your credentials (email address/username and password). Equipped with one of the largest infrastructures on the market with no less than 7,934 servers, the service offers the possibility of circumventing geographic restrictions in a large number of countries. There are two possibilities to unblock a streaming service in the location of your choice with CyberGhost: choose from the servers offered classified by country via the “All servers” tab, or connect to a server specifically optimized for a streaming platform via the “For streaming” tab.

The second solution is by far the most practical and efficient for connecting directly to the service of your choice. The list of optimized servers and their location, however, varies from one period to another and it is therefore possible that the coveted streaming service in a particular country is not included there. In this case, the only solution is to opt for the first solution by selecting the fastest server in the desired region. Sometimes you need to try multiple servers before it works.

The Romanian provider usually has permanently optimized servers for Netflix and Amazon Prime Video in the most popular countries such as the United States, Brazil, United Kingdom, France, Germany and Italy.

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Connect to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Disney+

Once the VPN connection is established in the country of your choice, simply open one of the SVOD platforms via your Internet browser and enter your credentials to connect. The streaming service automatically detects the location of your IP address and provides access to the catalog corresponding to it. For example, if you want to unblock Netflix, Prime Video or Disney+ US, simply choose a CyberGhost server based in the United States to access their American catalog.

Despite CyberGhost’s efforts, it sometimes happens that the radars set up by video platforms detect that the connection goes through a VPN. In this case, they display a notification such as “This content is not available in your country” or “You appear to be using a blocker or proxy” and block access to the content. The geographic restrictions put in place by Amazon Prime Video are particularly renowned for being the most difficult to circumvent.

Cyberghost 2022 © Cyberghost
Cyberghost 2022 © Cyberghost
Cyberghost 2022 © Cyberghost

In this case, you must either try other servers of the VPN provider or try to reconnect at a later date. When a VPN’s IP addresses are detected by streaming service guardrails, they are blacklisted and blocked. It is not uncommon for some VPNs to be unable to access a streaming service for a certain period of time. Only the best VPN providers like CyberGhost manage to maintain permanent access to foreign catalogs of the most popular streaming services.

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