Czinger takes a hypercar to Geneva

There will be no car fair without a company that has recently started to show a ‘revolutionary hypercar’ with unearthly performances to the public. This year at the Geneva Motor Show, it is Czinger that presents a ‘pioneering’ speed monster.

Czinger is a company founded last year that is located in Los Angeles. The brand, named after founder and CEO Kevin Czinger, reports that it is presenting the C12 to the public at the Geneva Motor Show, a “revolutionary and pioneering” hypercar with “iconic design” and “all-dominating performance.” No shortage of power terms.

Czinger already shows a number of images and a teaser video of his C12, a hypercar in which the occupants are sitting one behind the other. The C12, which gets a carbon-made coach, among other things, has a hybrid powertrain developed by Czinger itself. The car also uses ‘advanced components’ and ‘new technologies’.

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