Dacia Spring Concept will be the cheapest electric car in the Netherlands

Production model will be launched in 2021

Dacia Spring Concept

Dacia Spring Concept

Dacia announces its first electric car. The Spring Concept is the direct harbinger of what should become “the cheapest electric car in Europe”.

The Dacia budget brand must also believe it, the electric car. With the Spring Concept, the brand looks ahead to 2021, when a fully electric Dacia has to appear based on this study model. The design is not entirely new, sister brand Renault sells the model under the name Kwid outside Europe as a cheap family car.

The Dacia Spring Concept can reach “more than 200 kilometers” on a battery charge. That is sufficient for most distances in and around the city and also more than sufficient for commuting. Renault already has a lot of experience in the field of electric cars and Dacia makes good use of that expertise.

Dacia promises that the model will be the cheapest electric car in Europe. The Spring Concept is decorated with orange accents to increase the festive spirit, but think those elements away and you see the production model. Please wait, Dacia will not reveal the final result until next year.

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