DirPrintOK 4.31 – Print trees

If you want to print the tree structure of e-books, music or other files that you have collected on your PC or a data carrier, you can display the contents of the folder as a list in a txt file by means of a Windows CMD command. But it can be simpler and even with more possibilities thanks to the freeware DirPrintOK.





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  • Pros
  • Add information such as file size, creation date and so on
  • Negatives
  • Dutch institution occasionally gives English assignments
  • The interface is overwhelming

The Command prompt dir> print.txt is an outdated way to produce such a content list. Moreover, with DirPrintOK you can generate a content list that you can export as text, html, csv, xls and doc. DirPrintOK will then automatically open the correct program to view the file list.

Cold water fear

At first glance, DirPrintOK’s interface looks confusing, but that feeling quickly dissipates when you get started with it. Overcoming a cold feet fear. The left column functions as a navigation bar that allows you to browse through the contents of the hard drive or external data carrier. The address bar at the top shows the path and in the central window you see the contents of the selected folder.

The central compartment serves as a filter.

Tree and filter

This central window has its own toolbar which is by default in the filter view. If the folder whose contents you want to print contains a lot of items, you can expand or collapse them per level here to open or close subfolders. And of course you can also use the filter to exclude file types.

The tree view is the same as the filter view, but without the search options. Select the folder whose contents you want to print in the left pane. For example, if you have selected the Downloads folder in the tree structure and the Photos folder in the central window, the program will not print or export the contents of the Photos folder.

The tool can also export the content to an Excel worksheet.


DirPrintOK is a relatively small (900 kB) and portable program where you can interpret the word ‘print’ in the name broadly. After all, you can just as well export the information to text or xls to put it in Word or Excel to open.


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