Dodge Challenger Black Ghost is the second-to-last

With animal print

Dodge Challenger Black Ghost

Dodge conjures up another special edition with more than 800 horsepower: this is the Dodge Challenger Black Ghost, the – now finally – next-to-last Challenger of this generation. The brand builds 300 copies.

Just like last weeks copies of Dodge’s Last Call series, the Challenger Black Ghost gets a number of unique external features. In this case it is a white stripe across the stern and a special but somewhat inconspicuous print on the roof. All Black Ghost editions have alligator skin stickers on their top. That should remind Dodge of the black vinyl covered roofs of muscle cars of yesteryear. However, this will only work for enthusiasts with a keen eye: the rest of the body of the Black Ghost is always painted in black, so that the motif is hardly noticeable.

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Standing out is not the aim of this edition anyway: the namesake is a Charger from a saga from the seventies, in which a copy completely dressed in black leaves everything and everyone in the dust on the drag strip. After races, the sprinter often disappeared from the streets for months, until the moment had come to lecture the competition again. It earned him the name Black Ghost.


Like the Charger King Daytona, today’s Black Ghost features the strongest version of Dodge’s Hellcat powertrain. That means that this killer unleashes up to 818 horsepower on its rear tires. We’ll be curious to see if the very last Challenger (and/or Charger), which will be presented at the SEMA trade show in November, will make it to even higher values. Of course you can read about it here by then.


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