Dodge Challenger now also as Convertible

Open muscles with four people

Dodge Challenger Convertible

The Dodge Challenger you can buy now is always a solid two-door. But not anymore! From now on you can knock on the door of the Dodge dealer for a brand new open variant. This is the Dodge Challenger Convertible, a muscle car which treats four people open and naked to automobile fun. He’s even there as mighty Hellcat.

Brands such as Ford and Chevrolet have been supplying open versions of the Mustang and Camaro for decades. An open variant of the current generation Dodge Challenger has never appeared. That is striking, but not surprising given the Challenger history. Only the Challenger that Dodge sold in the 1970 and 1971 model years had an open version and now – half a century later – there is finally a new open version. This is the Dodge Challenger Convertible.

The current and officially only third generation Challenger has been around since 2008. There has never been an official open version, but from now on you can just knock on the door of the Dodge dealer for a Challenger Convertible. However, Dodge itself is not responsible for the conversion. Anyone in the market for an open Challenger should simply check a copy at Dodge. After the Challenger has left the factory in Brampton, Canada, Dodge takes it to Drop Top Customs converter, where you could previously also knock on the door for an open Challenger. The Dodge Challenger Convertible is available as R/T, R/T Scat Pack and in its powerful SRT versions. SRT, so also as a crazy and more than 700 hp strong SRT Hellcat. The Challenger Convertible costs at least $26,000, which is about €25,600. Yes, that includes basic Challenger!


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