Don’t buy these summer tires: too dangerous according to AutoBild

Disqualified from tire test

Wet tire braking distance

In the large summer tire test in size 205/55 R16 that AutoBild conducted this year, thirteen tires were assessed as too dangerous. This disqualified them and made them one of the 35 dropouts from the 55 tires with which the test started. The other 22 tires that were not taken further after the first selection were also eliminated because they had too long a braking distance and were therefore not allowed to advance to the final. But they didn’t make it as bond as the thirteen tires of the following brands.

A tire test is an intensive job for which our German sister magazine employs specialists. With the popular tire size 205/55 R16, colleagues started with 55 tires, which must pass a braking test before they are subjected to the various test components. The tire testers simulate an emergency stop on a dry road surface with an initial speed of 100 km/h. On wet roads they slam on the brakes at 80 km/h. The distances resulting from these braking measurements in this summer tire test were not allowed to add up to more than 66.9 meters. So the tire under the test car (Volkswagen Golf GTD) had a very decent braking distance of 28.8 meters on a wet road surface from 80 km/h to a standstill, but on a dry road surface from 100 km/h to a standstill it recorded a long braking distance of 39 meters. meters (67.8 meters total). As a result, despite the good wet result, he was not allowed to advance to the final. This applied, for example, to the Semperit Speed ​​Life 3. Not a dangerous tire, but not good enough to advance to the last 20 tires of the test.

According to AutoBild, the really dangerous tires are the summer tires that recorded a total of 73 meters or more on both braking measurements:

Brand model braking distance wet 80 km/h-0 km/h (meter) braking distance dry 100 km/h-0 km/h (meter) total
Matador Hectorra 5 32.9 40.1 73.0
Firemax FM601 34.9 38.4 73.3
Radar RPX800 33.3 40.2 73.5
Ceat SecuraDrive 33.3 40.6 73.9
Fortuna Ecoplus HP 34.9 39.1 74.0
Lassa Driveways 34.7 39.5 74.2
Atlas Green HP 35.1 39.3 74.4
Superia Tires Ecoblue HP 34.7 39.7 74.4
Nordexx NS9000 36.1 38.8 74.9
Berlin Tires Summer HP 35.6 41.1 76.7
Arivo Premio Arzero 38.0 40.1 78.1
DoubleCoin DC-99 42.1 39.6 81.7
Triangle AdvanteX TC101 39.7 42.1 81.8

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