Driving lessons may be hundreds of euros more expensive due to more exams

Higher quality, higher costs

Driving lessons (ANP)

If the government makes additional exams mandatory to obtain a driver’s license, as it is considering, this could cost €84 to €609 per student.

This is stated in a study published on Tuesday into the costs of new rules for driving lessons. A driver’s license currently costs an average of €3,125, writes the Central Bureau of Driving Skills. This Tuesday, outgoing Minister Mark Harbers (Infrastructure and Water Management) introduced a series of new rules regarding driving lessons. The reason is a recommendation from 2021, which stated, among other things, that there should be more testing moments for both the theory and practical exams for passenger cars. All measures taken together should combat deception and unfair competition in the driving school industry and ensure a higher success rate.

The exact costs of more exam moments depend on the pass rate. If it is not possible to get more people to pass, an additional practical exam will cost an estimated €364 per student. For an additional theory exam, this is €245. It is not yet clear whether the exams will actually be split up. The outgoing cabinet is still conducting research into what the best choice is. “We would like the costs to remain as equal as possible,” says a spokesperson.

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