Dutch Burton largely sold

The Dutch Burton Car Company changes hands for the most part. Founders Iwan and Dimitri Göbel have sold most of their stake in the company.

Most of Burton will be in the hands of a new, as yet unknown owner, who will buy 75 percent of the shares. Iwan Göbel let BNR Nieuwsradio know. The remaining quarter stays in the family, so the Göbels still have a finger in the pie. In their own words, it was time for the brothers to step down, because they are now ‘more managers than entrepreneurs’. The Burton Car Company has grown considerably over the years and now employs 44 people. “You are busy with that and that is actually what we are not very good at”, says Göbel.

Two years ago it was announced that Burton was going on sale. It was then reported that about € 5 million had to be deposited for the company. The company started by the Göbels in 2000 has become well known in the Netherlands and abroad. It converts Citroëns 2CV into open two-seaters where hardly a Duck can be recognized. It also offers kits so that people can realize the conversion themselves. Certainly on summer days you will sometimes come across one and tour rides are also held with Burtons. In 2016, a Burton shone in our ‘In het Wild’ section.

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