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Toyota bZ4X

After almost two years of corona, looking into the future is more difficult than ever. An energy crisis has recently emerged. Chip shortages throw product but especially production schedules upside down. As a result, new models are launched on the market six months later. This is reflected in our annual personal previews, which include not only cars. Speaking today: Jan Lemkes.

While the world is heading for a future full of electric cars, Toyota is remarkably quiet. The largest car manufacturer in the world seems to want to keep the EV boat off as long as possible. This threatens a situation like with Kodak, the film producer who did not want to believe that digital photography was going to be the big thing.

However, that Toyota does not want to let it come to that, is apparent from the bZ4X concept presented this year. Is that an exciting car? No actually not. However, it is the electric crossover that Toyota desperately needs, including a modular EV platform, two electric motors and the promise that the car will appear in production form in 2022. The futuristic-looking, Tesla-like steering wheel is actually the only thing on the bZ4X that doesn’t look production-ready yet, although it would show guts if we also see that on the production version.

I’m looking forward to that car, but especially to the new chapter that Toyota is starting with it. Under the bZ label, comparable to Volkswagen’s ID series, no fewer than seven electric models should appear until 2025. The bZ4X will also be available as a Subaru. Curious how that sounds, such an electric boxer engine.

This article previously appeared in the AutoWeek Year Special 2022.

– Thanks for information from Autoweek.nl

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