Electric BMW iX3 taken from promising Neue Klasse

Almost ready for 2025

Spy shots BMW iX3 Neue KlasseSpy shots BMW iX3 Neue KlasseSpy shots BMW iX3 Neue KlasseSpy shots BMW iX3 Neue KlasseSpy shots BMW iX3 Neue KlasseSpy shots BMW iX3 Neue KlasseSpy shots BMW iX3 Neue KlasseSpy shots BMW iX3 Neue Klasse

Spy shots BMW iX3 Neue Klasse

BMW accelerates on the electrical front. It has an extensive new electric model family in the pipeline: the Neue Klasse. The models of BMW’s next generation of EVs will arrive in 2025. One of them is an electric SUV that can be compared in size to the BMW iX3. We can show you that ‘iX3’ of the Neue Klasse in a spy suit.

Neue Klasse is the umbrella name under which BMW calls what it calls its ‘next generation of EVs’. In 2025, BMW will kick off the Neue Class with an electric sedan – the production version of the Vision Neue Class – and with an electric SUV. The aforementioned electric sedan will be an electric equivalent of the BMW 3 Series, the SUV in turn a similar alternative to the X3. A new iX3-like one. The sedan could just be called i3.

The size of this packed SUV seems to be very similar to that of the BMW iX3. It is clearly too small for an X5-like and the X1/iX1 and X2/iX2 are both still brand new. The BMW X3 and therefore also the iX2 have been around for several years longer. Although the camouflage material that BMW has applied to this test model has also been applied in fanatical quantities, there are still some interesting details to be seen, especially at the front. The ‘mask’ that adorned the front of the Vision Neue Klasse can already be clearly seen there. The headlights are not yet the final ones, although the place where they are housed will of course no longer change. We see door handles recessed into the body and get a glimpse of the lighting at the rear.

The big technical difference between the Neue Klasse models and BMW’s current EVs? The models of the Neue Klasse are so-called dedicated EVs, cars that have been developed as EVs and that are not available with other types of powertrains. This is in contrast to BMW’s current electric models such as the iX1, iX3, i5 and i7. After all, these are EV versions of cars that you can get with combustion engines.

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