Electric Ford Mustang: 544 hp, 322 kilometers range

Charge Ford MustangCharge Ford MustangCharge Ford MustangCharge Ford MustangCharge Ford MustangCharge Ford MustangCharge Ford Mustang

London-based Charge Cars previewed a classic Ford Mustang with an electric powertrain three years ago. The company now comes with an actual production version of the one laced with modern technology pony car.

There are plenty of options for building an electric powertrain in a classic car. You can think what you want about that, but given the current fuel prices, we can at least imagine a heart transplant like this better and better. The English Charge Car showed years ago how it could provide a Ford Mustang with an electric powertrain. The company is actually going to build that electric ‘Stang, and not even in a limited edition!

Charge Car will produce 499 copies of its all-electric classic Ford Mustang. The company hangs a 64 kWh battery in the pony car, enough for an electric range of 322 kilometers. The battery pack offers a zest for life to a pretty potent set of electric motors. The electric and four-wheel drive Mustang kicks it up to 544 hp and 1,500 Nm, enough to help the colossus in 3.9 seconds at a speed of 60 mph (97 km/h). Once you have been erased, the battery pack with a maximum of 50 kW can be filled with fresh power again.

Charge Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang (Charge Car)

The electric Ford Mustang from Charge Car is not cheap, by the way. The starting price of the electric restomod is a hefty £350,000, converted around €420,000. You not only get an electrically powered Mustang in return, but also a thoroughly modernized copy on the outside and inside. The car has LED lighting all around and an interior in which we find not only digital instruments, but also a large vertically oriented infotainment screen.

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