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Renault 4EVER TrophyRenault 4EVER TrophyRenault 4Ever TrophyRenault 4Ever TrophyRenault 4 patent platesRenault 4 patent platesRenault 4 patent plates

Renault 4EVER Trophy

Renault will very soon be pulling the curtains on the new and electric Renault 5. That is not the only electric retro car that Renault has in store and is also not the only one that will present it this year. Later this year we will also be introduced to the brand new electric Renault 4.

The Geneva Motor Show is the stage on which Renault and sister brand Dacia present big news. Dacia will present the visually thoroughly updated electric Spring and Renault will present the long-awaited electric Renault 5. Later this year, Renault will launch another new electric model, harking back to a model from years ago. In October we will already be introduced to the new electric Renault 4!

Renault CEO Luca de Meo says in conversation with the French BFM that the electric Renault 4 will make its public debut during the Paris Motor Show. This traditionally takes place in October. This year the European car fair will be held from October 14 to 20. Renault has been preparing for the arrival of the electric 5 since 2021 and there have been rumors going around for years about the arrival of a new electric 4 loaded with retro details. In mid-2021, AutoWeek was already able to provide patent drawings of what the Renault 4 could do. are. Not much later, Renault also confirmed that it would come with an electric 4, although it still called the car ‘4Ever’ at the time.

Renault has already given visual hints of an electric 4 a number of times. It has already shown a uniquely modernized R4, showed a 4 transformed into a drone, but it did not stop there. For example, it already showed concept cars bearing the name 4Ever in 2022 and 2023. Just like the electric Renault 5, the electric Renault 4, to be unveiled in October, will be on the platform previously called CMF-B EV and recently called AmpR Small. In any case, the Renault 5 will have a 40 kWh and a 52 kWh battery pack. We also expect such batteries in the Renault 4. The Renault 4 may be the higher-profile and therefore more crossover-like alternative to the Renault 5. On to October!

Renault has really acquired a retro flavor. Among the flood of new models that it has presented in a short time or has yet to launch, there is also an electric incarnation of the first generation Twingo. It already looked ahead to this in November last year with this study model. The electric Twingo is on the introduction list for 2026.

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