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Renault 5 patent

2024 will be the year of the 5 at Renault. The new electric Renault 5 has already been shown in conceptual form several times by the French, but today AutoWeek can show you the final production version.

Renault has huge plans in the EV field for the coming years. The brand wants to have six electric cars in its line-up in Europe by 2031. This includes a set of EVs with which Renault strongly harks back to design from the past. For example, an electric Twingo will be available in 2026 that is very similar to the first generation of the model and Renault also has an electric crossover in the pipeline with design elements from the R4. Before those two, Renault will launch an electric hatchback that is also dressed in a retro costume: the Renault 5. The new electric Renault 5 is clearly inspired by the 5 and Supercinq that preceded it. Renault has already shown the car in conceptual form twice and AutoWeek has even created a virtual representation of the production version based on this. Now we have found the patent drawings of the electric Renault 5 as it really will be

Renault 5 Prototype

The Renault 5 Prototype of 2021.

We can imagine that when you see the Renault 5 on these pictures you think that you have seen it like this before. That is not entirely the case. Broadly speaking, this is indeed the Renault 5 as you have already seen it as the 5 Prototype. Yet there are differences. Just look at the side mirrors. While the 5 Prototype has strikingly flat side mirrors, you see more conventionally lined examples on either side of the body of the 5 on these plates. The electric Renault 5 also has conventional door handles in the front doors and therefore no recessed handles in the door as you saw on the 5 Prototype. The handle of the rear door – which is hidden in the window pillar – has also been made more concrete.

Renault 5 (illustration: Larson)

A preview of the Renault 5 from our digital artist.

More differences? Certainly. For example, the headlights have been completed differently and the front bumper on these drawings is also the final copy. And take a good look at the rear bumper, which is also new. It has a recess for the license plate and a recess that should make it possible to open the tailgate. The rear lights have been finalized and the light bar that the 5 Prototype had between them has made way for a black strip in which Renault places a 5 badge.

The Renault 5 will replace the Zoe and should also be cheaper than the now aging hatchback. The Renault 5 will be on the previously mentioned CMF-B EV and now AmpR Small platform and will in any case be available with a 52 kWh battery and with a 40 kWh large unit. With a 52 kWh battery, the Renault 5 – which with its length of 3.92 meters is 13 centimeters shorter than a Zoe – should travel up to 400 kilometers. The Renault 5 will be unveiled in its entirety in February. It should have a starting price of around €25,000. For convenience, we have included the patent drawings of the Renault 5 Prototype. You can see them in images 9 and 10.

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