Electric SUV Lucid Gravity from all angles [Exclusief]

Lucid Motors will soon be launching the Air, an electric sedan with an electric SUV next to it. Techzle can now show you this electric SUV, which is currently referred to as Project Gravity, from all angles.

Lucid Motors reported in September 2020 that it would give the electric Lucid Air an SUV brother. The brand already showed a bunch of slightly dark photos of a pre-production version of that electric SUV, a car that gave Lucid the provisional working title Project Gravity. Techzle now has the patent plates of what is probably the production version of that ‘Gravity’.

Lucid Motors Project Gravity Patent

Lucid Gravity

Lucid’s electric SUV gets a short nose and a windshield that extends far into the roof. Further to the back is a glass roof. The Gravity will, among other things, have recessed handles and will simply get conventional side mirrors. Just like with the Lucid Air, a thin light bar runs across the entire width of the buttocks. The design of the Gravity seems remarkably sober for an EV of a start-up and that is quite a relief nowadays.

The Lucid Air can already be reserved in the Netherlands and will go into production in the second half of this year. In 2023, that electric sedan will be joined by the Gravity, an SUV with space for up to seven seated people. Just like the Lucid Air, the Gravity will soon use a modular platform that the start-up Leap Electric Advanced Platform (LEAP) has dubbed. This base can handle two and even three electric motors, among other things.

In any case, the Lucid Air comes on the market in various flavors. In any case, there will be a version with a 75 kWh battery pack and a 400 hp and 600 Nm strong powertrain. Lucid also has a four-wheel drive variant with over 1,000 hp and a 110 kWh battery in the barrel. That top version should be able to squeeze 832 electric kilometers determined according to the NEDC method out of its package. It is expected that the Lucid Gravity will be available with comparable powertrains.

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