Endurance test Honda Civic e:HEV (2022)

It is easy to measure what is on the front wheels.

The hybrid Honda Civic produces 184 hp, has two electric motors and has a 2.0 four-cylinder that more often serves as a generator than as direct drive to the front wheels. He can do the latter, by the way. To find out how much power can be read on the dynamometer, we handed over the key to our endurance test Honda Civic e:HEV to our dynamometer man Ghisbert van Ginhoven.

The measurement shows that the petrol engine also participated during the chassis dynamometer session. The chassis puts out 180.9 hp on the chassis dynamometer. We have already explained the special operation of Honda’s hybrid system in this article. In practice, the Civic e:HEV feels wonderfully smooth, it always starts from a standstill on the electric motor and then shoots forward. For a hybrid, the Civic has a very direct response. The endurance test of the Honda Civic has already been completed and we will soon look back on the period in an article with video. Stay tuned!

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