Enjoy the sun comfortably with this Mercedes-Benz CLK – Enthusiast Wanted

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Enjoy the sun comfortably with this Mercedes-Benz CLK – Enthusiast Wanted

Once all the current downpours are behind us, we can enjoy the spring sun again. Maybe driving this Mercedes-Benz CLK? In any case, there is no shortage of comfort.

It was not the best period for Mercedes-Benz in terms of quality and perhaps it was not necessarily the highlight in terms of design, but this first generation Mercedes-Benz CLK Cabriolet does not look particularly bad. In dark blue and gray leather, it is a fairly timeless story, although the thick wheels that are placed underneath must be just to your taste. He can have them on his own, right? All in all, it gives the illusion that we are dealing with quite a ‘thick’ version, but nothing could be further from the truth. It is ‘only’ a 200 Avantgarde, but one where money has been invested to dress it up a bit more.

That happened quite a few owners ago. The now 25-year-old CLK has had no fewer than eleven owners and that is of course not easy. Many of them seem to have bought the car in the spring for a summer convertible drive, and then sold it again in the fall. The last two owners have – fortunately – lasted a little longer with it, both about five years. Let’s hope that they gave it some technical love during that time. Not much can go wrong, but you can ruin any car by paying little or no attention to maintenance.

Mercedes Benz CLK

This CLK has probably not had an overly active life, because it only has 114,000 verified kilometers on the odometer. They were probably mainly pleasure rides. However, such a CLK can also be used as daily transport, provided the hood is in order, of course. With an asking price of €4,950, it is certainly worth a look, although for that money we would like to see some of the maintenance history after so many different owners.

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