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We are proud to finally announce that Techzle will soon be able to sell one of the highly sought-after limited edition Accutron Spaceview 2020 watches. Why do we find this so special? The Accutron is a very popular watch among collectors and enthusiasts of watch technology. And this 2020 edition contains – just like the original from the sixties – a revolutionary new timepiece wrapped in a special appearance.

What is the Accutron?

The Accutron was one of the top models of the Bulova brand until the late 1970s. The watch contained a very accurate movement that was driven by the vibrations of a tuning fork. We still see this tuning fork in the Bulova logo today. The Accutron was – after Hamilton’s Electric – the second fully electric watch in the world, and the forerunner of quartz watches in which the movement is driven by the vibrations of a crystal.

The appearance of the Accutron was also special. Where normally only classic, mechanical watches have a transparent dial to show the timepiece, this did not happen with ‘boring’ electronic timepieces. The Spaceview ignored this habit and proudly showed its insides. This despite the fact that the vibration of the tuning fork is so fast that you cannot see it with the naked eye.

Photo vintage Accutron watch
▴ The 1960s Accutron Spaceview

Photo Detail Accutron brochure
▴ Detail Accutron brochure

The watch was very accurate and the tuning fork technique of the Accutron was not only used in watches, but also in accurate cockpit instruments of the Apollo lunar rockets and in communication satellites.

The original Accutron is still highly sought after by watch enthusiasts and collectors. For the space age appearance, the technique, and the soft buzzing tone of the tuning fork movement. The watch that was the pinnacle of watchmaking technology when it came on the market has become something of a cult.

The Accutron in the 21st century: a revolutionary new timepiece

In 2019, the Citizen Group, of which Bulova has been part of since 2008, presented a revolutionary new movement at the Baselworld watch fair that forms the basis for the Accutron 2020. It is not easy to explain exactly how this movement works, but in short it boils down to this;

Simply put, the Miyota/Accutron caliber NS30-Y8A is a completely new type of autoquartz movement in which the movement of the wearer is converted into electricity by an electrostatic motor. This electricity drives the clockwork.

Only for the real ‘tech nerds’ among us: The two lower turbines visible in the dial are electrostatic generators, while the larger upper one is an electrostatic motor. The generated current is stored in a capacitor and supplied to the motor. The blades of the motor’s rotor are alternately attracted and repelled by the electrical charge from the stator, causing the rotor to rotate. This system drives the seconds hand in a smooth, reminiscent motion of the original Accutron; the hour and minute hands are driven by a separate stepper motor.

Electrostatic motors generally consume very little energy, meaning this watch has a power reserve of up to five years.

Detail Accutron 2020

Detail Accutron 2020

The style of the sixties, teleported to 2020

The Accutron Space View 2020 is not just a tribute to the Spaceview from the sixties. It is a completely new reinterpretation. As if the classic watch has been teleported to 2020. Of course, several elements from the original design return: the open, green dial, the industrial look, round indices with lumens and the convex (!) sapphire glass.

Much space is given to the turbine-like flywheels of the generators, which move almost hypnotically. And the strikingly thin red seconds hand seems to float above the dial.

With a diameter of 43.5 mm, the watch is adapted to the wrist sizes of this time. We must also note that – due to the complex movement – it has a considerable thickness of 15.41 mm for a dress watch.

Atmosphere photo Accutron watch

Photo packaging Accutron Spaceview

Atmosphere photo man in bar

Exclusive Limited Edition Accutron Spaceview 2020 at Techzle

The special edition of this Accutron Spaceview is limited to 300 pieces worldwide, of which only 5 come to Europe! The watch comes in a special box with a book about Accutron’s history.

Are you interested in purchasing the Exclusive Accutron Spaceview 2020 Limited Edition at Techzle? Then click on the watch next to or below this article and add it to your wish list. You will be immediately notified as soon as the watch is available for sale with us.

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