Eyeball #27: Amazing Marvin is the ultimate calendar and to-do app

Amazing Marvin is, in my opinion, the most versatile calendar, tasks and organization app of the moment. The application is extremely versatile and completely customizable to your needs. However, it comes with a hefty price tag.

Amazing Marvin review

“Edo Agenda is by far my most practical app of 2019. Whether this will remain the case next year, however, remains to be seen.” I wrote this in my article about the best iOS app of 2019. And now, a few months later, I have indeed pushed Edo Calendar aside. Its place has been taken by Amazing Marvin, a calendar, organization and tasks app.

amazing marvin review

The app is also available for other platforms, such as macOS. In addition to scheduling appointments, you can also create tasks, specify due dates, and even create entire project schedules. In this way, for example, I made the entire planning of my thesis. At the same time, you can also use Amazing Marvin to make a simple shopping list.

Amazing Marvin is therefore very versatile. When creating ‘items’, you therefore only choose what it is afterwards: a calendar appointment, task or time block. Do you not know exactly how long something will take, but do you have to take it into account in terms of planning? Then you create a time block, for example.

Much more than a calendar or to-do app

Amazing Marvin is fully customizable. When you have just created an account, you will notice that the app is very minimalistic. It is up to you to add functions and possibilities yourself. You use so-called ‘Strategies’ for this.

For example, you can set that when tasks are not completed, they are automatically transferred to the next day. Do you always want to have a menu on the side with some shortcuts? Which can. Do you only want to see this menu on mobile, but not on desktop? That too is possible. And do you want to build complete routines using Zapier? No problem.

Zapier is also highly recommended, because with this service you can link different apps together and create ‘workflows’. For example, you can automatically copy attachments in emails you receive via Gmail to Dropbox. Similarly, you can configure your own work schedules for Amazing Marvin with Zapier.

amazing marvin review

You already notice: Amazing Marvin is packed with possibilities. The nice thing about this is that you can turn the Strategies on and off yourself. You are therefore not stuck with choices that the developer has made for you. The same goes for project management. You can get started with due dates, recurring tasks and review dates whenever you want. But it’s not necessary.

This versatility is also the pitfall of Amazing Marvin. The app – with its dozens of features, switches and design choices – is quite overwhelming, especially for beginners. Also, the iOS version lags behind the computer and web version. Furthermore, synchronizing tasks between devices sometimes takes quite a while.

hefty price tag

Amazing Marvin has a 30 day free trial. After this you will lose more than 11 euros per month. If you pay a year in advance, it costs almost 7.40 per month. Are you a student? Then you get a 50 percent discount. Amazing Marvin never gets cheap, but for me it’s money well spent.

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