‘Facelift’ now also for V8 versions Mercedes AMG GT 4-Door

Mercedes-AMG GT 4-door faceliftMercedes-AMG GT 4-door faceliftMercedes-AMG GT 4-door faceliftMercedes-AMG GT 4-door faceliftMercedes-AMG GT 4-door faceliftMercedes-AMG GT 4-door facelift

You have small news, very small news and even smaller news. Today we are dealing with the last category: the ‘facelift’ for the Mercedes AMG GT 4-door now also applies to the versions with V8. Hold on!

It is like this. Mercedes announced an update for the AMG GT 4-Door in June, calling it a facelift, although we thought that was on the optimistic side. The update only applied to the six-cylinder models of this sporty five-door, so the AMG 43 and the AMG 53.

We mentioned new colours, wheels and materials and the possibility to make your 43 or 53 look more like a fat 63 with a thick front bumper. In addition, the front bumper itself has been slightly modified, although we are still staring at the photos to see the difference. Finally, the Manufaktur label offers far-reaching possibilities to decorate the car to your own taste. A little more variation in the sea of ​​matte black and gray 4-doors is not a bad idea in our opinion, but the press photos offer little hope in that regard.

Mercedes AMG GT 4-door

‘old’ (blue)

Mercedes-AMG GT 4-door facelift


Well, those changes now apply to the V8 models as well. Then of course it concerns the 63 and 63S, so they already had the more aggressive appearance. We do see here that the outer air inlets – pay attention – are just a bit wider and end in a sharper point on the inside. The power is not tinkered with, so the 63 still delivers 585, and the 63S 639 hp. A good landmark for the 63 models remains the exhaust, because the combination of four rectangular chutes is unique for the top versions. The ‘lesser’ versions do it with four round exhausts.

For the Netherlands, the news is even less relevant than for the rest of the world. The AMG GT 63 SE Performance, a plug-in with a rather bizarre 843 hp, introduced in the meantime, replaces the regular 63 S. This version already had the new front bumper.

– Thanks for information from Autoweek.nl

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