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True love

Renault 16

The Renault 16 was a car that was easy to fall in love with, although patience was sometimes a virtue to ensure the relationship lasted. The owner of this 68er seems to be completely devoted to it.

You hardly ever see them these days, but once upon a time you could find a Renault 16 on almost every street here. More than 1.8 million of them were built and the 16 remained on the market for a long time. The success of the 16 was largely due to its exceptionally comfortable driving behavior. Moreover, it was practical, with its hatchback hatch. Such a valve was still very rare when the 16 was released. The overall picture was so innovative and successful that the 16 won the title of Car of the Year 1965.

This copy dates from a few years later, 1968. So we are dealing with a car that is almost 56 years old, although you probably wouldn’t give it that credit after a drive in it. Provided he is still technically good, of course. In any case, this Renault 16 spotted by colleague Jan Lemkes still seems to be in good condition. There are some dents here and there and it doesn’t exactly shine, but above all it still looks hard. That is not an unnecessary luxury: many 16’s found their Waterloo due to rust.

Renault 16

The layer of dust on the car may mean that the 16 has been in this garage for a while

The fact that this 16 still looks quite nice is probably not only due to its parking space where it appears to be possibly surviving the winter. No, this 16 was brought to the Netherlands in 2002 and has been in the hands of one and the same owner ever since. So he has been loyal to it for 22 years and vice versa. If that isn’t love! We do hope that he can be seen in the sun again in the warmer months. As mentioned, the Renault 16 is a rare appearance on Dutch roads, while it actually deserves to be seen more often.

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