Family meeting: Opel Kadett and Opel Rekord – In the Wild

Kadett and his great great uncle

Family meeting: Opel Kadett and Opel Rekord – In the Wild

An Opel enthusiast lives here, you can see that. Just along the road, opposite each other, are a neat Opel Kadett and a slightly more weathered Opel Rekord.

There are many people in the Netherlands who have been infected with the Opel virus for years. Not entirely surprising, because ‘we are’ quite an Opel country. This was certainly the case during the time of the Kadett E, which you saw everywhere. The owner of this Kadett is undoubtedly also an Opel enthusiast from the very beginning.

This is evident not only from the license plate holder of the Historical Opel Club Netherlands. Opposite the Kadett is an Opel that can really only be found among enthusiasts: a real Rekord P2. It dates from the same year (1962) as this Rekord sedan that we previously featured in this section, with the big difference that it is now a Rekord Caravan. A three-door, you couldn’t get it with more doors at all.

We take our hats off to the Rekord, even if it doesn’t look pristine. Somehow there is something to that; As a result, he still has the appearance of the workhorse that he must have been for most of his life. The opposite applies to the Opel Kadett, a 1.6 from 1988. It actually looks remarkably neat. Yes, the bumpers are a bit discolored here and there, but that’s all we can really say. A nice detail is the VVN sticker on the windshield, which has been on it for 28 years. He will probably achieve double that, because we immediately believe that the Kadett – which has been with the current owner since October – has ended up in a warm nest. We thank AutoWeek forum member HarmenA for sharing these nice photos!

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