Fastned collaborates with French state bank on new charging stations

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Fastned will collaborate with the French Banque des Territoires to support the construction of fast charging stations along French highways.

Banque des Territoires, an investment division of the French state bank Caisse des Dépôts (CDC), contributes up to 49 percent of the investments that the Dutch company makes in fast charging stations along French toll roads, up to a maximum of 50 million euros.

The investments contribute to the goal of the French government to equip all 360 parking spaces along toll roads with charging stations for electric cars by the end of 2022. Fastned participates in competitive tenders that have so far been launched for approximately one third of these parking spaces.

The first nine stations to be financed by the collaboration are the result of the tender won by the French toll road company APRR/AREA. Four of these stations have been operational since the end of November.

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Banque des Territoires makes flexible financing available to Fastned. The reimbursement schedule and compensation move with the development of the electric vehicle market and the cash flows of the Fastned stations.

According to financial chief Victor van Dijk of Fastned, the collaboration confirms the increasing confidence of investors to finance the roll-out of fast charging infrastructure and to offer appropriate financing solutions to the company.

Currently, about 1 percent of vehicles in France are fully electric. This share is expected to rise to more than 10 percent by 2030, which Fastned says will significantly boost the growth of fast charging and station revenue. Amsterdam-based Fastned has now built 181 fast charging stations in the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Switzerland and France.

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