Ferrari again has exclusive rights to the name ‘Testarossa’

Ferrari is again the only one who can use the name Testarossa. The European Court of Justice has ruled that. In 2017, a German court ruled that Ferrari had not used the iconic name for too long and that it was therefore no longer protected.

The European Court has now ruled that a trademark remains valid as long as the owner still provides services or resells second-hand goods under that name. Ferrari convinced the court that it is still carrying out maintenance and repairs for the Testarossa.

The Testarossa, Italian for red head, was produced by Ferrari in the 1980s and 1990s. The sports cars have eye-catching doors reminiscent of egg-slicers and they have retractable headlights. The car also played a prominent role in the American police series Miami Vice, which was shot in the 1980s. Behind the front seats a mighty 4.9-liter twelve-cylinder boxer engine. After updates, the Testarossa went through life as 512 TR and eventually as F512 M, to be succeeded by the 550 Maranallo in the mid-1990s.

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