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Fiat 127Fiat 127Fiat 127Fiat 127Fiat 127

Fiat 127

The Fiat 127 had a very long service record and had many faces. Here we have one from the last chapter; a car that was once bought on a tight budget.

When you think of Fiats that have left their mark on the car industry, you undoubtedly think of the 500, the Panda and perhaps also the 124. However, we should not forget the 127. That model, with its tailgate (as a three-door), transversely mounted engine and front-wheel drive, was an important founder of the modern hatchback. It was also on the market for quite a long time. It all started in 1971 and the 127 ran in South America until 1995. By that year, the 127 had long disappeared from the market here, but for the example we have here in front of us, we will remain in a South American mood for a while.

Look at the nose and butt of this 127 and you may see a different 127 than you remember. The European 127 already had many faces, but this 127 came off the production line in Brazil as the 147 and looked slightly different. When Fiat pulled the plug on the European 127 in 1983, it decided to offer the Brazilian 127 ‘Unificata’ for a while alongside the brand new Uno. Simply to be able to offer an even cheaper alternative. Here in the Netherlands it was offered as Fiat 127 1050, where the last four digits stood for the number of cc’s. While the last European 127 was also available with a 1.3, the Brazilian variant kept it a little more modest.

Fiat 127

Although it was a bit of a reheated meal with an exotic aftertaste, the Fiat 127 1050 was of course still presented to the Dutch consumer with full conviction. Fiat presented it as follows: “The Fiat 127 ‘1050’ fully meets the high demands of today’s motorists. Externally it is still a modern car with a front that has been completely adapted to the new Fiat styling. The powerful, but very quiet, the engine guarantees good performance in combination with the fully synchronized 5-speed gearbox. The luxurious interior is beautifully finished. The seats are perfectly designed and the dashboard includes a complete and clear instrumentation. The large tailgate provides easy access to the generous luggage space, which can be significantly increased by folding down the rear seats.”

In the case of the PR-16-LP, many people have already been convinced by all this splendor. The car has had no fewer than ten private owners, probably more. The last one lasted more than six years, so that offers some hope. A 127 is technically not the most complicated car to keep running. Keeping the bodywork in good condition may be a bit more of a challenge, but apart from damage to a door and a broken rear light, we don’t see anything that is too worrying. He could certainly use a little love. Who knows, you might be able to reduce the asking price of €2,995 and, with a little effort, you’ll have a gem of a 127 on your doorstep in no time!

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