Fiat Cinquecento (1998) – Enthusiast Wanted

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Fiat Cinquecento (1998) – Enthusiast Wanted

Just find a car that now has cult status and that can be delivered to your door even cheaper than this Fiat Cinquecento! If there is no enthusiast for it, it can be sold to someone who wants to switch from a bicycle to a car for next to nothing.

It is of course not a Multipla, but the Fiat Cinquecento also enjoys a certain cult status. It was one of the nicest affordable little ones of the last century and entire tribes drove their first kilometers with it with a fresh driver’s license. They are now rapidly becoming extinct, but that does not necessarily mean that you have to dig deeper into your pockets to get one. On the contrary, this black one from 1998 proves that you can still buy a Cinquecento for a few hundred euros. At the same time, that is not very surprising.

After all, the Fiat Cinquecento was simple in its time and in 2024 it is actually quite spartan. In addition, it is a somewhat inconspicuous and simply executed Cinquecento. For a bit of Italian flair, you should first get in touch with this one. Then you will be greeted by some cheerful, colorful striped (although somewhat faded) chairs. With a little entry damage on the driver’s seat, moreover. No, they can certainly be found fresher than these, but that probably explains the low price.

Fiat Cinquecento


Furthermore, there are apparently no alarming matters. The mileage of 136,000 is low, but not unusually low for a Cinquecento. More importantly: it is certainly not riskily high. A look at the ownership history also gives some confidence: from 2007 until a few months ago, the Fiat was with one owner. What is a bit strange is that it was subsequently sold last month by a car company to a private individual who only had it for two weeks. Anyway, a Cinquecento can’t easily hide a really expensive defect. The car was also inspected in November without any concerns. But hey, for €400 you can’t easily break the bank, can you? Who’s going for it?

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