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Fiat Punto

The first Fiat Punto deserves to be the center of attention every now and then. This green one in particular, because it has aged so well!

The fact that the Italians are familiar with car design is not only evident in the more expensive corner of the car world. Also for relatively little money you can drive an Italian that has clearly been well thought out. Just look at this Fiat Punto from 1996. It’s already 27 years old, but you wouldn’t give it that. Not only because its lines are still quite good, but also because this specific example has apparently been handled with kid gloves all these years.

Fiat Punto

Careful people have sat here.

There was actually no reason for this ordinary 1.2 SX to grow so old and certainly not in such a way, but it happened anyway. The fact that it has only been driven 76,754 km undoubtedly explains a lot. However, that is no guarantee for a fresh appearance, because just going back and forth to the supermarket every day is enough to collect a huge bouquet of parking dents. This Punto still seems quite sleek and also looks neat in its dark green paint. A color that fits perfectly with its year of manufacture, because competitors such as the Opel Corsa B, the third Volkswagen Polo and the fourth Ford Fiesta were regularly seen in such a color.

How could it be otherwise: according to the license plate details, the Punto has only had one owner. The person who brought it home new one winter day early in 1996 has only now parted with it. Perhaps because of the age (of the owner). Now the Punto can continue, perhaps as someone’s first car, but hopefully as a beloved possession of a Fiat enthusiast. The latter does not seem to us to be a bad idea due to the probably quite special condition of the Punto. It should yield €1,950. On the high side, but certainly understandable with this specimen.

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