Fiats 500 and 500X cleverly dressed as ‘Hey Google’

The Fiats 500 and 500X will be available in the ‘Hey Google’ version. Anyone who recognizes this statement knows that the Google voice assistant is central to these cars.

The Fiat 500 Hey Google and Fiat 500X Hey Google are both equipped with a version of the infotainment system that, in addition to Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, can also handle the Google voice assistant. Anyone who says ‘Hey Google’ can give the car commands or ask for information. We are not only talking about searches via Google, but also about operating specific things in the car or requesting information about the car.

For example, you can request the current location and fuel stock of your Fiat via your smartphone or the Google Nest Hub (which you get with the vehicle) with the command ‘Hey Google’. You can also flash the lights and unlock the doors, or ask for a notification if the car leaves a certain preset area or if the speed limit is exceeded.

Fiat 500X Hey Google

The look of the Hey Google versions has also been thought of. The B-pillars have dots in the colors of the Google logo and Hey Google badges. In the interior you are welcomed by a dot pattern on the seats in the colors of Google and there are labels on the seats with Hey Google. Who starts the car, will see a special Google animation in the infotainment screen, before you see the Fiat logo.

The Hey Google version is available for all 500Xs and (classic) 500s that are available here. So also for the 500 Cabrio. The newer and fully electric 500e is separate from this. At the end of April, the Fiat 500X Hey Google will be at the Dutch dealers, the 500 Hey Google will follow in mid-May. The manufacturer will announce what it will cost at a later date.

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