Fiats 500 and 500X Hey Google have a price

Fiat has a price on the 500 and 500X in the Hey Google version. That implementation is all about the Google voice assistant and brings some extra decoration with it.

A month ago, Fiat presented the Hey Google version on both the 500 and the 500X. This distinguishes itself with various accents in the colors of Google and logos of the tech company, but also offers extra options with the infotainment system. The Google voice assistant works on this and with the command ‘Hey Google’ you can give the car commands or ask for information. You can also give commands to the car at home from a related smart device from Google or request information about the car.

The Fiat 500 Hey Google – the ‘old’, not the new electric variant – ranks just below the top version, the Sport, in terms of price, with a starting price of € 19,150. The 500 Convertible costs at least € 22,150. The Fiat 500X Hey Google finds its place on the price list between the Cross and Sport versions. From € 27,622 you have it with the 120 hp 1.0 FireFly petrol engine, with the 150 hp 1.3 it is available from € 30,490.

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