Finally: WhatsApp is coming soon to the iPad

We’ve had to wait years for it, but WhatsApp is finally coming to the iPad soon. This is what you need to know about the new app!

WhatsApp is coming to the iPad

At the beginning of this month, Meta released a completely new WhatsApp app for the Mac. Previously, only a simplified version of WhatsApp was available for the Mac, but the new app is much more extensive. You can now finally make video calls and audio calls. There is still no WhatsApp app released for the iPad, but that will change soon.

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It was already known that WhatsApp is being tested on the iPad. It seems that the final testing phase has begun, as developers are now explicitly asked to use WhatsApp on the iPad. They can now try out the application extensively to see if there are any problems with the app. This is the final step in developing the app, so the official release is likely soon.

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This is what WhatsApp for the iPad looks like

We already know what WhatsApp for the iPad will look like from previous test versions. It is probably the same app as on the Mac. The list of your conversations remains visible on the left side of the screen, just like on the Mac. There you can also see your (missed) calls, archived chats and favorites. This means that you will soon also be able to make video calls via your iPad, without needing an iPhone.

Logging in to the iPad version of WhatsApp is done via a QR code, as you now do with the web version of the chat service. Fortunately, this only needs to be done once, you then remain logged in on the iPad. This means that you do not have to scan the QR code every day. Only if the iPhone with the WhatsApp number is offline for a long time, you will be automatically logged out on the iPad.

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This is when the new app will appear

The final testing phase has arrived, so that means we don’t have to wait much longer for the app. Meta has been conducting various tests for months, so it is expected that the final release of the app will come soon. It is therefore quite possible that you will finally be able to use WhatsApp on the iPad in early December.

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