First review – Why the Dacia Jogger is bad for your reputation

The new Dacia Spring (2022) is a neat car for neat people. A car without much hassle, so a real Dacia: what you see is what you get – and all for a very competitive price. But beware: the Jogger does put your reputation on the line. Do you want to go through life as that car enthusiast who buys such sensible cars?

First review - Why the Dacia Jogger isn't good for your reputation

What stands out about the Dacia Jogger?

The Dacia Jogger is the replacement for the Logan MCV. It was a cheap and spacious station wagon that did everything a cheap, spacious station wagon should do. A car for people who did not place high demands on the appearance and equipment of their A-to-B vehicle. The new Dacia Jogger has a much less gray mouse look than the Logan MCV. In the copper-colored paint of our test car, which is performed in the most complete outdoor-esque Extreme livery, it is even a defiant appearance. It has the same friendly nose as the Dacia Sandero, and we even think we recognize Volvo elements in the rear. Dacia positions the Jogger in the C-segment, but with a unique feature: you can also order it as a seven-seater.

Dacia is that brand of low prices, a reputation that is also lived up to by the Jogger. The absolute basic version costs less than 20,000 euros! And even for the seven-seater Extreme you are not more expensive than 23,550 euros. If you’re looking for a spacious station wagon for a modest price, the Dacia Jogger could be the car of your choice.

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First review - Why the Dacia Jogger isn't good for your reputation

What are the advantages of the Dacia Jogger?

The Dacia Jogger is more than 4.5 meters long and has a wheelbase of almost 2.90 meters. There is really no shortage of space: even in the third row of seats you can safely hold on as an adult guy of 1.95 meters. But of course you prefer to be behind the wheel – at least, we do. And there too, it is striking how much elbow room and headroom the Jogger has to offer. What is also striking is the simple operation. Numerous functions have now been incorporated into the central display, but operation is simple and does not raise any questions. Thus, the regulation of the temperature is also hassle-free: with clear rotary knobs.

Simplicity is also reflected in the price list: the Dacia Jogger is available in only two engine variants. The TCe 100 Bi-Fuel runs on LPG, the TCe 110 on petrol. The last number represents the engine power delivered by the three-cylinder turbo engine. The one-litre block rolls out nicely, delivers a lot of torque at low revs and with its noise production never comes too much to the fore. A six-speed manual transmission is standard.

First review - Why the Dacia Jogger isn't good for your reputation

What are the downsides of the Dacia Jogger?

The Dacia Jogger is a cheap car, and you notice that in many ways. The interior materials have been cut back. The chassis lacks civilization. The controls are dead. The seats are flat. But is that such a disaster? Nope, because the build quality of the Jogger is just fine. Just for the right perspective: the cheapest Ford Focus Wagon with 100 hp is 6000 euros more expensive! Do we have to spell it? Six thousand euros more expensive!

The fact that Dacia, with the exception of the electric Spring, does not electrify its models, is a point that the Romanian brand can gradually be charged with. When will the Jogger come with mild hybrid system, Dacia?

First review - Why the Dacia Jogger isn't good for your reputation

When will the Dacia Jogger come, and what will it cost?

The Dacia Jogger will appear at dealers in March. As said: it is already there for less than 20,000 euros. To be precise, the five-seat Jogger TCe 100 Bi-Fuel Essential costs 19,150 euros. If you want the basic version, but with the 110 hp petrol engine, you are 500 euros more expensive. For the third row of seats, Dacia charges a surcharge of 1000 euros. After the Essential comes the Comfort, for 1100 euros extra. And if you want the Extreme, you pay another 1000 euros extra. We already mentioned the price of the seven-seater Jogger 110 TCe Extreme above: 23,550 euros.

First review - Why the Dacia Jogger isn't good for your reputation

What do I think of the Dacia Jogger?

I am a car enthusiast, but I can understand the buyers of the Dacia Jogger. Because in fact there is very little wrong with the car. Certainly if you compare what is offered at the price asked for, it scores excellently. The Jogger is large, spacious and competitively priced. And for many drivers, that is enough. They are not at all concerned with image or appearance, or what the neighbors think of their car. These people simply want a reliable and affordable means of transport that will get them from A to B. No more. And that is exactly what the Dacia Jogger is. A wise choice.

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