First reviews about the Vision Pro appeared – this is what they say

In the run-up to the release of the Vision Pro, the first reviews about the headset have appeared. What are the opinions about Apple’s first spatial computer?

First reviews about the Vision Pro

The pre-order of the Apple Vision Pro will start in the United States from next Friday. Americans can already pre-order Apple’s first spatial computer; the Vision Pro will be available in stores and delivered from Friday, February 2. In the run-up to the release of the headset, Apple has organized another test round for journalists.

That is not the first time that Apple has offered journalists the opportunity to try out the Vision Pro. The company has already held twelve rounds so that editors and journalists could view and use the spatial computer in real life. They have now shared the first reviews, giving us a better idea of ​​the new device. These are the first opinions about the Vision Pro!

First reviews about the Vision Pro appeared – this is what they say

1. The Verge: Wearing comfort influences the experience

Victoria Song from The Verge writes in her review that she was amazed by the virtual world of the Vision Pro during the demo. According to her, it takes a while to understand how to operate the headset, but you will develop that feeling after a while. According to Song, with the Vision Pro you enter a completely different world, without leaving your home or even your couch.

In her review she also mentions an important disadvantage of the Vision Pro. The headset is on the heavy side, which will bother you if you wear the Vision Pro for longer. The demo lasted half an hour, after which she developed a headache due to the weight of the headset. She was very enthusiastic about the functions of the Vision Pro, but it is not a device that you want to wear for long periods of time in your daily life.

2. Engadget: impressive images in visionOS

The problem with the wearing comfort of the Vision Pro can also be seen in Engadget’s review. In the beginning you will have to find out which way you can best wear the headset, you have several options for this at Apple. For example, you can choose between a single or a double band with the Vision Pro, with the second in particular providing a better distribution according to the reviewers from Engadget.

Engadget’s review also discusses the Vision Pro’s software. The spatial videos were especially impressive, where, according to the reviewers, you feel as if you are really present in the moment. Typing with the floating keyboard is not very pleasant in visionOS, which is why the Vision Pro is mainly described as an excellent home theater in the review. Watching movies on Disney Plus was extremely impressive.

Vision Pro will be coming abroad this year

The first reviews are mainly positive, but already reveal that the Vision Pro is not a device that you can wear for hours on end. It remains to be seen how sales of the headset will go, Apple in any case expects that it is not a product for the general public. Instead, the company wants to focus on business. A cheaper Apple Vision is reportedly already in the works.

The Vision Pro will appear in stores in the United States in early February. In Europe we still have to wait a while, but according to Apple expert Ming-Chi Kuo, it won’t be long before the Vision Pro is released internationally. Apple wants to bring the headset abroad in the first half of 2024. Would you like to know more about that? Then read all about the release of the Vision Pro here.

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