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Ford Puma

When you think of the Ford Puma, do you still think more of the coupe from the 1990s than of the crossover that you currently find in the Ford showroom? Nice. Then we have a nice Puma for you here.

Perhaps some people from Generation Z already need some explanation when we talk about ‘the first Ford Puma’. Hereby; There was a Puma before Ford put that name on a crossover. The Ford Puma that saw the light of day in the 1990s was, just like the current one, a car based on the Fiesta, but a coupe instead of a car with a high entry. If there is still a similarity to be found between the two (besides the name), it is the shape of the headlights. That’s basically it.

Ford Puma

Although the Ford Puma was based on the then Fiesta, unlike its more common brother, it was equipped with a special 1.7 with variable valve timing. It was screwed together by Yamaha in Japan and the Japanese also provided Nikasil coating on the cylinder walls. However, basically it was just a relative of the more conventional 1.4 and 1.6 that were available in both the Puma and the Fiesta. However, with the 1.7 the Puma was clearly the smoothest and all the more fun that this handsome blue Puma has it up its sleeve.

If you still want a Puma like this in 2024, it would be nice if it is still neat and nicely made. That fits well with this 99er. It has nice sporty seats that are still quite presentable and it has nice wheels. The mileage of 182,000 km is also not something to worry about and it has had five previous owners. The fact that the last two lasted a little less time (six months and a year respectively) is a slightly less positive sign, although it does not necessarily mean much. In any case, for €2,495 you can get something nice for not a lot of money and there may be some room for improvement.

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