Ford Ranger: temporarily renewed delivery range

More expensive, but also more equipment

Ford RangerFord RangerFord RangerFord RangerFord Ranger: temporarily renewed delivery range

Ford Ranger Raptor

Ford is temporarily revising the Ranger delivery range. The Ford Ranger will lose two versions for the time being, with the result that only the sporty Raptor and the adventurous Wildtrak remain. These flavors also become more expensive, but you get more in return.

Until recently, the Ford Ranger was available as XL, XLT, Wildtrak and Raptor. The XL and The Raptor was previously available with a 210 hp 2.0 EcoBlue diesel and with a 292 hp 3.0 Ecoboost petrol engine. The Ford Ranger Raptor with a diesel engine has also been removed from the range for the time being. What remains: the Ranger with a petrol engine and the Wildtrak with a 205 hp diesel.

We start with the variant that perhaps appeals most to the imagination: the Raptor. As mentioned, it is only available with the 292 hp 3.0 Ecoboost V6, a machine that is always connected to a ten-speed automatic transmission. The Ford Ranger Raptor always has a double cabin, complete with full rear doors. It will become more than €6,500 more expensive and will now change hands for €63,825. Please note: this does not include VAT and BPM, after all it is a company car. If you buy it privately, you will spend at least a grand. The Ranger Raptor has therefore become more expensive, but the costs for the conversion to a gray license plate are now included in the price. The Raptor Pack and the Sticker Package are also now standard. There is little to choose from when it comes to colors. The Raptor is now always painted Conquer Gray.


The Ford Ranger Raptor in Wildtrak trim always has a 205 hp Ecoblue diesel engine, which also sends its power to the wheels via a ten-speed automatic transmission. It is available as a Super Cab with small rear doors and as an extended version Double Cab. As a Super Cab it becomes €2,805 more expensive and costs €45,515. Version as an Extended Double Cab, it will be no less than €13,500 more expensive and will now cost €57,860. The Wildtraks now have the Power Pack and the Technology Pack Plus Trailer (Extended Double Cab) or the Technology Pack Advanced Trailer (Super Cab) as standard. The Super Cab comes from the factory without a rear seat.

But why?

Is the XL and XLT versions finally over and will the Ranger now only be available in three flavors? No, that is not the case. The few variations in which the Ranger can currently be ordered are either stock models or Rangers that are already in the construction process and therefore already on order from the factory. These are models that can certainly be delivered this year and that are therefore not yet affected by the new bpm rules that will come into effect in 2025. From January 1, 2025, the BPM exemption for vans with combustion engines will disappear. The Ranger world will look different in the Netherlands once the current series of models that can be delivered in 2024 are sold out. The XL and XLT variants will probably return, but it is not yet clear what the prices of the Ranger line-up will be under the new bpm regime.

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