From A to B by taxi, public transport or shared scooter: everything in one app (ADV)

Remove all the different apps for shared transport, taxis and public transport from your iPhone, because you only need one: umob. This is why you can’t miss the umob app on your iPhone.

3 reasons to download umob

The way we move through the city is changing. More and more bicycles, scooters and even cars are appearing that everyone can use. You reserve via the provider’s app, but the offer differs per city and unfortunately it is not limited to just one provider. The result: your app library is full of these apps.

You can now delete the various apps from your iPhone, because you only need one app for shared transport, taxis and public transport: umob. In this app you can see live and exactly where a scooter or bicycle is available, from any provider. You can then reserve, start and stop rides in the same app with one account. Would you rather take the bus or the train? Then you will see where the nearest station is. We give you three reasons why you can’t live without this app.

Discover the umob app

1. No more switching between apps

There are more and more different ways to get from A to B. The number of providers is growing by the minute and the offer varies per city and country. Each provider also has its own app with its own account, so you have ten to twenty apps on your phone. With umob you now only have to remember a single password.

You can find every method of travel in one place and reserve, book and pay immediately. You will not be redirected to other apps and you will no longer have to create other accounts for the various services. Consider a shared scooter or (cargo) bike. Taxis or simply public transport can also be found in umob. This means that all modes of transport are truly bundled in one app. All providers we currently know in the Netherlands, such as Check, Felyx and more, can be booked via umob.

There are no additional costs associated with using the app. If you are not traveling with shared transport, you pay nothing at all. By the way, it doesn’t cost you more to use umob, because the app charges the same prices as if you were to reserve a vehicle directly with the provider.

2. A vehicle within three minutes

So you don’t have to go through all the apps in your app library to find the nearest vehicle with the most battery, which saves a lot of time. You can therefore arrange a means of transport via umob within three minutes. Because you have access to more than 50,000 vehicles in the Netherlands, you will find transportation in no time.

The handy map shows you clearly where you can start your way to your final destination. All means of transport are clearly indicated here, so you don’t have to search for your scooter first. Also ideal if, for example, you travel in Amsterdam one day, but in Utrecht the next.

3. First 15 euros of rides free

And the best reason of all? We have arranged an exclusive discount code for you. All new customers get a free ride with the code umobiphone15. This code will give you approximately four rides. You will find these immediately after registration under your account under vouchers. So quickly download the app, use the code and go!

Download the umob app

This is how umob works

Using umob is very simple. After downloading, create an account in the app. This is done in just one minute. You add identification and payment method, after which you immediately search for a vehicle via the real-time map. Because you see so many different providers in the app, it is a piece of cake.

Have you found one near you? It then tells you how long you have to walk to reach it, how much it will cost you and more. Book it and you can hit the road straight away.

  • Download the umob app

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