G-Shock, indestructible for almost 40 years

Today it is completely taken for granted by many people. If you’re looking for a watch that can take a beating, choose G-Shock. In the early eighties it was different. Watches were fragile instruments that could become disrupted at the slightest tap. But thanks to the brilliant inspiration of Casio designer Kikuo Ibe, all people who are looking for a tough and solid watch can find their way to G-Shock flawlessly.

Unique construction

Casio was already a leading watch manufacturer in the 1970s with the introduction of the first digital watches. However, designer Kikuo Ibe wanted to take it one step further by developing an indestructible watch according to the ‘Triple 10 concept’: a battery with a lifespan of 10 years, water resistant to 10 bar and shock resistance to a drop height of 10 metres. To achieve this goal, the most diverse materials were tested, but even the hardest metals did not sufficiently protect the movement.

Portrait photo of casio designer Kikuo Ibe
▴Kikuo Ibe

Image of original sketch of the first G-Shock
▴ Original sketch

For a moment, Ibe’s dream seemed out of reach, until the day he saw children playing with a ball in a park. He realized that the impact of the ball bouncing had absolutely no effect on the inside of that ball. This led his team to develop a watch with a hollow housing, in which the movement was almost floating.

Picture of a test where a watch is placed in a ball
▴ Test model with watch in ball

Image of the parts of the G-Shock case
▴ Construction of the hollow box

After a test phase of 2 years and more than 200 prototypes, the first G-Shock came on the market in 1983. The unique hollow construction of the case, structural reinforcements and shock-absorbing material around the most important components are the basis of every new G-Shock to this day.

Unique design

Form follows function: the very first G-Shock, the DW5000 was not only unique because of its technical features. The construction of the cabinet also resulted in a completely unique look with corners and edges. The watch quickly became a popular ‘fashion item’ of the hip-hop and skate generation and the retro models are still extremely popular with young people and enthusiasts of this unique style. G-Shock also regularly releases unique editions in collaboration with well-known athletes, artists and artists such as Jamie Hewlett of Gorillaz.

Since the introduction, the designers of G-Shock have of course not been idle and the watches have been continuously developed. In addition to the original models from the DW series and the classic analogue-digital watches from the GA series, G-Shock has also been producing steel watches for several years, The origin GMW-B5000 series and G-Steel. G-Shock also has the MT-G series: chic, luxuriously finished stainless steel models. Finally, the ‘Master of G’ G-Shocks for ‘professionals’ should not go unmentioned. Here you will find the toughest and strongest G-Shocks with the most extensive functionalities.

Image of the GMW-B5000 watch
Image of the MTG-B1000DCM-1AER watch

Image of the msg-s200g-4aer women's watch
Image of the GST-B200-1AER watch
▴ GST-B200-1AER

Technology has not stood still either. Radio technology and GPS always guarantee the correct time and location. In addition, Bluetooth, which links your watch to your smartphone, is becoming increasingly important for ease of setup and accuracy. Sensor technology calculates weather changes and tides, and solar cell technology ensures an environmentally friendly energy supply.

Unique personality: chart your own course

The name G-Shock therefore stands for pushing boundaries and sailing your own course. Whether you’re a globetrotting businessman or woman, an athlete, an outdoor enthusiast, a professional or an ‘eco-warrior’ – whatever you’re looking for in a watch, you’ll find it at G-Shock. For almost 40 years, technologically up to date and always extremely tough!


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