Geekbench removes Samsung devices due to app performance reduction

Geekbench removes Samsung devices due to app performance reduction

Earlier this week it was announced that Samsung is cheating with apps through its Game Optimizing Service (GOS). It incorrectly affects the performance of games and applications: not through app behavior but through so-called app identifiers. Geekbench has decided to remove certain Samsung devices from its benchmark.


Geekbench has this to say: “We consider this a form of benchmark manipulation, as large benchmark applications, including Geekbench, are not restricted by this service. After extensive internal testing, we have determined that the following Samsung Galaxy handsets use GOS: – Samsung Galaxy S22 (all models) – Samsung Galaxy S21 (all models) – Samsung Galaxy S20 (all models) – Samsung Galaxy S10 (all models). Today we have removed these handsets from the Android Benchmark chart in the Geekbench Browser.”

Geekbench is software that allows you to determine how fast your phone or an app is. Of course, this has everything to do with how many apps you have running and what they all require from your phone. However, when the normal performance of apps is affected, a Geekbench benchmark can turn out very differently, when it is actually tampered with. Geekbench does not agree with this and therefore decides to remove many devices from the Korean telephone maker from its software.

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Samsung’s Game Optimization Services

It concerns a lot of apps that Samsung reduced in performance: 10,000 pieces. What’s happening is that the Game Optimization Services, which is intended to improve performance of games only, also affects apps that have nothing to do with games. A lot of influence: sometimes it is up to 56 percent worse and it concerns very popular apps including Netflix, Instagram, TikTok and Spotify. Also read our previous coverage of what is going wrong with GOS. Samsung seems to be working on an investigation, but if it wants to get back to the Geekbench soon, it should hurry up, especially now that it has just released its flagship S22.

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