google: "Android will soon be much smarter with sound"

Google: "Android will soon be much smarter with sound"

Google announces improvements to how Android phones and tablets interact with connected audio devices. If you use wireless earphones for multiple devices, they will now automatically switch between those devices according to a smart system from Google Fast Pair.

Smart Audio on Android

When you use a pair of Bluetooth earphones, you can of course only listen to music or hear the sound of a movie on one device at a time. Nevertheless, a pair of earphones can be connected to multiple devices thanks to the so-called multipoint connection. Google has now built a well-thought-out system on top of Google Fast Pair to improve that user experience, it reveals in a blog post. Fast Pair is the system with which you can connect Bluetooth devices at lightning speed.

Suppose you are watching the fourth season of Stranger Things on your Android tablet and you are listening through your wireless earphones. Then of course you would like your wireless headset to automatically switch the sound to your phone when you receive an important call. Of course, that does not mean that you want to switch to your phone for every new notification on your smartphone.

Take control yourself

That is precisely why there is the new Google Fast Pair priority system for switching sound sources. Based on context, switching between connected Bluetooth devices is now automatic. And if the system doesn’t quite do what you want, you can intervene yourself. For example, are you watching the final episode of the fourth season of Stranger Things and are you not waiting for a phone call? As soon as your bluetooth earphones switch to telephone, you will see a notification on your tablet. Tapping that will immediately switch back to Stranger Things.

Google states that the Google Fast Pair system will work first on the new Pixel Buds Pro. After that, it will also be rolled out to other earphones, including those from Sony and JBL. There are in principle some requirements to use this function. Your headset must work with Google Fast Pair, bluetooth 5.2 and multipoint connection. By the way, what did you think of the fourth season of Stranger Things? Let us know in the comments.

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