Google Chrome gets lots of improvements for tablets

Google Chrome gets lots of improvements for tablets

Google announces that it has now better optimized its Chrome browser for tablets. Among other things, you can switch between tabs faster, there is a better visual overview of your tabs and you can drag content from Chrome into other apps. These are all new features.

Chrome for tablets

Android tablets were for a long time rather poorly endowed, but with improvements in Android 12L and Android 13, Google has started to catch up. That is also welcome, because it will bring a new tablet on the market in 2023. on his blog Google discusses a variety of improvements for Chrome on tablets.

First of all, it becomes easier to quickly switch between tabs, because you swipe left and right on the address bar, as you can see in the gif below. This also works when Chrome is open in split-screen. Furthermore, you are less likely to accidentally close a tab. When tabs shrink when you have many open at once, Chrome automatically removes the crosses to prevent accidental closing. There will also be a button with which you can undo closing a tab.

Google Chrome gets lots of improvements for tablets

Visual grid, desktop mode and dragging

Google also comes with a new visual overview of your tabs. All your tabs will then be in grid with an accompanying preview image. Furthermore, Google makes it easier to request the desktop version of websites by default instead of the mobile version, and you can now drag items from Chrome to other apps. That works in the split-screen view. You can then drag links, images and text to other apps. Google already mentions Gmail, Keep and Google Photos.

Google Chrome gets lots of improvements for tablets

Google states that all improvements can now be used in Chrome for tablets. What do you think of these features that Google is proposing? Let us know in the comments.

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