Google Chrome may automatically group tabs

Google is working behind the scenes on new options for the Google Chrome browser. And when a function is ready, the first testers can get started. This also immediately reveals what the search engine giant is working on, such as new options for tab grouping.

Since the release of Google Chrome 85, it has been possible to group tabs in the browser. This is useful when you often move several tabs at the same time or to indicate to yourself that certain pages belong together. Grouping tabs is organized and increases productivity, even if only slightly. In the meantime, work is being done on the option to minimize groups, while also adding the function of automatic grouping spotted is.

Automatically group tabs in Google Chrome

The experimental flag is already available in Chrome Canary, the developer version of the Google Chrome browser. You download this version at your own risk. You can find the function under the name Tab Groups Auto Create. However, at this point nothing happens when you activate the flag. So this time we are very early on when it comes to new functions. Another commit fortunately already gives us more information about the upcoming position.

Google Chrome tabs

There is the following text:

[Tab Groups] Automatically create a new group when opening a tab with

the same domain as its parent tab.

When you later, when you activate the function, open a new tab with a domain name that matches from another tab, both tabs will be automatically merged by Google Chrome.

In addition, more references have been found to possible additions to the extra functions. For example, there will probably be an extra button in the user interface with which you activate and deactivate the option. In addition, there is talk of scrollable tab strips. This will not be discussed further, but it sounds like a tab group will soon show a maximum number of tabs, while the rest will be neatly stored. They will not disappear completely, because when you scroll across the strip, they will appear automatically. That’s what that sounds like to our ears.

In any case, it seems to be an interesting addition to the possibilities of Google Chrome, the automatic tab groups. It is therefore interesting to keep an eye on this feature and see how it is further expanded with additional functions.


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