Google Chrome on iOS: will the browser really be good soon?

Google Chrome on iOS has been a watered-down version of the browser for Mac and PC for years. But it now looks like that is about to change.

Will Google Chrome on iOS soon be really good?

At the moment, you can find Chrome in the iOS App Store. But Apple does have a few rules for all browsers on your iPhone. They all have to run on Apple’s Webkit, which also runs Apple’s own Safari. This makes any browser in iOS behave the same as Safari in the background.

google chrome appstore

That now seems to be about to change. Google is working on a special browser for iOS. This special browser is built on Google’s Blink engine. But if Google now puts this browser in the App Store, it will not work. Apple does not allow that.

Still, it seems that Google expects Apple to make some changes. The fact that Apple is trying to ‘counteract’ other browsers in this way has been kicking the wrong leg at various authorities for some time. For example, the American Biden Administration already has a proposal to prohibit the obstruction of (among other things) alternative browsers in iOS.

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Alternative App Store for iOS on the way?

For years, the pressure on Apple has been increasing due to the monopoly the company has in the App Store. The United States and the European Union are now looking at whether Apple’s competition still has a fair chance.

Apple doesn’t allow other App Stores at this time, and you can’t download apps from the Internet on the iPhone and iPad. The European Union is therefore already preparing steps that should oblige Apple to adjust this regulation.

european commission is suing apple

This new legislation is likely to be passed in 2024, so it is expected that Apple will introduce a new regulation for downloading apps that same year. European legislation gives Apple two choices: apps must be able to be downloaded from the internet or more App Stores must be added.

This is how you change the default browser from iOS to Chrome

Do you often use Chrome? Did you know that you can also set Chrome as the default browser in iOS on your iPhone? You do that in the following way.

  1. Open the Settings app;
  2. Scroll down and tap “Chrome”;
  3. Tap on ‘Default browser app’;
  4. Now choose the browser you want to set as default.

Tired of Chrome? This way you can also set Safari as your default browser again.

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