Google is adding its own Find My support to Android

Good news for Android owners! Google’s Find My Device will soon be just as good as Apple’s Find My!

Google is adding its own Find My support to Android

The ‘Find My’ feature on iPhone is very useful. This allows you to easily find your Apple devices, wherever they are. Your device doesn’t even need to be connected to the internet, because the feature works even without a connection and even when your device is turned off.

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Android has a similar feature called Find My Device. There is a catch with the version of Find My on Google: your device must be turned on to track it down. Samsung phones can already be found offline, but soon other Android smartphones can also be found offline.

Google will improve the function. The app then uses the Bluetooth connection and other Android devices nearby to get the location. And in this way you can also find devices that are not online.

You don’t have to wait very long anymore, because according to… 9to5Google The feature will be available this weekend. Google says in an email that the network will be put into use in three days. This means that the network will be available on Sunday April 7 or Monday April 8.

This improved network from Google works with Bluetooth and not just with WiFi and the comparison with Apple’s Find My is therefore quickly drawn. With Find My Device you will soon also be able to track Bluetooth trackers from Tile, among others, and headphones from Sony.

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Would you rather not have your Android smartphone used for Google’s version of Find My? The email that a number of users received contains a link with which you can unsubscribe.

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