Google Pixel 6 launch on October 19, seen in new video

Google Pixel 6 launch on October 19, seen in new video

Google has leaked the possible launch date for the Pixel 6. The device would be unveiled on October 19. Furthermore, he can be seen ‘in person’ for the first time in a new teaser video. Previously, we only saw the phone in render.

Google Pixel 6

It was equally clear: we do not have to expect the Pixel 6 in September. This month comes when we see Android 12, and in October the Pixel devices will be the first to appear with the new Android version.

Google is already teasing the Pixel 6 on Instagram where we see twelve Pixel phones with all different colors in the software interface thanks to the Material You theme. With that Android 12 feature, the entire interface colors along based on the background color you set on your phone. If we look at the clock on the Pixels, we see a striking date: Tuesday, October 19.

Google Pixel 6 launch on October 19, seen in new video
The Pixel 6 on Instagram

Google has probably revealed the launch date of the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, because the rumor spreader Jon Prosser previously leaked the same information. Prosser also stated that the phones will be in stores on October 28.

teaser video

Google has also released a teaser on the world, and it is the video below in which the upcoming phones play a leading role. We only saw the phones on renders before.

The Pixel 6 will appear with a 6.4-inch AMOLED panel according to leaked specifications, while the Pro version will have a 6.71 POLED screen. Both phones have a 50MP main camera and a wide-angle lens, but only the Pro version will also get a periscope camera. Google released an unusual amount of information about the Pixels in August. Here on Androidworld, most of our readers seem (cautiously) positive about the devices.

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