Google warns of malware that infects Android and iOS phones

Google warns of malware that infects Android and iOS phones

Security company Lookout has spyware discovers that infects Android and iOS phones. google warns now for this kind of spyware called ‘Hermit’.

What does Hermit do?

Hermit is the name of the spyware and it is believed to be distributed via a download link in text messages. When the recipient taps the link in the message, the victim is prompted to install an app from a website. Once done, the software collects instant messages, phone calls, photos, emails, and location data.

Hermit is commercial espionage software used by governments, much like the more well-known Pegasus malware. According to Lookout, the spyware has already been deployed by governments in Kazakhstan, Syria and Italy. Hermit is also modular. That is, it can adapt once installed on the phone, as well as bypass security measures. The spyware is mainly intended to extract sensitive data from politicians, journalists and other people of interest to certain governments, but anyone could become a victim of it.

Google found out who made Hermit. It concerns the company RCS Labs, a commercial spyware vendor based in Italy. According to RCS Labs, this is incorrect: “RCS Lab personnel are not exposed to and do not participate in activities performed by the relevant customers,” the company told Reuters

More about malware

Malware is mainly distributed by inadvertently installing malicious apps on the phone, for example from alternative application stores, fake text messages, or deceptive advertisements. Are you worried about malware on your phone? Then read about 5 signs that can indicate malware and how to get rid of malware.

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