Green Friday 2023: refurbished iPhones and more tech alternatives

Are you planning to buy a new iPhone, iPad, or MacBook, but do you want to choose a more sustainable alternative? Then check out these Green Friday 2023 deals!

Green Friday 2023

green friday

Black Friday stands out this year Friday November 24th and that is the day to purchase products at a much lower price. You can now buy the latest iPhone, iPad or MacBook at a high discount, often saving you a lot of money. However, there are more sustainable alternatives to buying a completely new device. That is why Green Friday 2023 has been introduced, which also explains the sustainable options.

With Green Friday 2023 we pay attention to sustainable alternatives during Black Friday. Refurbished devices are becoming increasingly popular and it is often (much) cheaper to have a device made. Do you want to buy a cheaper iPhone, iPad or MacBook and make an environmentally conscious choice? In this article we list the best and most sustainable offers for Black Friday 2023!

Green Friday 2023 overview

Refurbished devices are much cheaper

Are you still looking for a new iPhone, iPad or MacBook, but don’t want to pay the top price? Then a refurbished device is a good alternative during Green Friday 2023. Refurbished literally means overhauled: the device has had a previous owner and has subsequently been refurbished, checked and cleaned. Then it was put back on sale so that someone else could be happy with it.

The difference with a second-hand smartphone is that with a refurbished device you have an ‘as good as new’ experience. You also receive a warranty and a purchase receipt. Old parts have been replaced where necessary, so you can be sure that you have a properly functioning device. And the big advantage: you pay much less for a refurbished device. These are the best Green Friday 2023 deals!

Fix: up to €100 discount and free case on refurbished iPhones

At Fixje you get a discount of up to 100 euros on refurbished iPhones during Green Friday 2023. Are you buying a refurbished iPhone? Then at Fixje you will also receive a free case and screen protector! In addition, during Green Friday you also have extra discounts on repair kits and tools, so that you do not have to immediately buy a completely new device if something is broken. View the offers here!

  • Advantage on repair kits and tools
  • Extra benefit on chargers and screen protectors

iPhone 12 Pro

Mobico: refurbished iPhone extra competitively priced

Don’t want the latest iPhone? Then Mobico has a number of interesting options for you! Especially if you are still looking for a smaller iPhone, because Apple stopped selling the iPhone 13 mini this year. At Mobico you can now still get the iPhone 12 mini refurbished at a much lower price. You can also get the iPhone 8 Plus at a big discount. These are the iPhone deals of Green Friday 2023 at Mobico:

  • Refurbished iPhone 12 Mini 128GB (light signs of wear): for €329.00
  • Refurbished iPhone 8 Plus 64GB (as good as new): for €159.00

iPhone 13 mini

Swappie: refurbished iPhone 13 with a big discount

Are you looking for a newer model? At Swappie you get the refurbished iPhone 13 with a big discount on Black Friday. Even the iPhone 13 mini is still available, which is Apple’s last regular iPhone with a 5.4-inch screen. The iPhone 13 is no longer manufactured, so be quick! During Green Friday 2023, Swappie has these offers for you:

  • Refurbished iPhone 13 128GB (as good as new): by €569.00 for €539.00
  • Refurbished iPhone 13 Mini 128GB (visibly used): by €499.00 for €469.00

Partly: save up to €100 on refurbished iPhones and iPads

ipad air 2022

At Parly you get refurbished iPhones at a much lower price, but that’s not all. During Green Friday 2023, refurbished iPads are also heavily discounted! For example, you pay much less for the iPad 2021, but the iPad Air 2020 is also much cheaper. Check out Partly’s best deals here:

  • Refurbished iPad Air 2020 (as good as new): for €579.00
  • Refurbished iPad 2021 (as good as new): for €349.00

Leapp: all Green Friday offers

16 inch macbook pro

Are you still looking for a new laptop? Then you can go to Leapp for extremely cheap MacBooks during Green Friday 2023. The latest MacBook Pro costs no less than € 1,868, but if you think this is too expensive, Leapp also has previous generations of the MacBook. This way you pay hundreds of euros less for the MacBook Pro 2019 and the MacBook Air 2018. These are the offers:

  • Refurbished Macbook Air 2018 (light signs of wear): by €688.00 for €599.00
  • Refurbished Macbook Pro 2019 (light signs of wear): by €1,053.00 for €749.00

Backmarket: high discounts on iPhones

iPhone 12

At Backmarket you will get huge discounts on the iPhone SE 2022 and the iPhone 12 Pro with Green Friday 2023. With the iPhone SE 2022, your phone is secured with Touch ID and has a compact 5.4-inch screen size. Do you use the phone’s camera regularly? Then the iPhone 12 Pro is recommended. You can now get both phones much cheaper at Backmarket, so grab your chance!

  • Refurbished iPhone SE 2022 (as good as new): by €529.00 for €307.70
  • Refurbished iPhone 12 Pro (light signs of wear): by €1,039.00 for €461.09

Rebuy: discount days! Up to 12 percent discount on selected products

Apple Watch series 8 green friday

Are you planning to buy a new Apple Watch? Then Green Friday 2023 is the time to get the new smartwatch from Rebuy. The Apple Watch Series 8 only appeared last year, but is already available for a low price at Rebuy. Do you want an even lower price for your Apple Watch? Then go for the Apple Watch Series 7! Enter the code below when buying the Apple Watch, so you get a big discount on your new smartwatch:

  • Refurbished Apple Watch Series 8 (as good as new): by €361.99 for €318.55 with the code RABATT12TAGE
  • Refurbished Apple Watch Series 7 (light signs of wear): by €264.99 for €233.19 with the code RABATT12TAGE

Kamera-Express: cameras with a high discount

If you are still looking for a new camera, Kamera-Express is the right place for you. Here cameras are given a second life and part of the range is rented out. This means you don’t have to immediately buy a completely new device, which is useful if you don’t use a camera often. In addition, a repair service is offered, so that your camera lasts as long as possible.

Kamera-Express also participates in the sustainable Green Friday, which gives you discounts on various products and services. Are you a fan of photography and are you still looking for a new camera? Then check out the best deals at Kamera-Express:

  • Green Friday at Kamera-Express

Trade in your old device

Did you buy a new iPhone? Or do you want to buy another one? Then remember that you can also trade in your old device during Green Friday 2023. Your old iPhone, iPad or MacBook will then get a new life and you will often get some money back in return. This way you can immediately invest that money in a new (refurbished) device. You can trade in your old devices via these websites:

  • Manufacturers: Apple and Samsung
  • Providers: KPN, Vodafone and Odido
  • Webshops: Amazon, Coolblue, MediaMarkt, Belsimpel,, Bol and Amac
  • Refurbished parties: Swappie, Fixje and Rebuy
Trade in iPhone

Have devices repaired with Green Friday 2023

Even more sustainable: you can also have your old appliances repaired. This means you don’t have to buy a new phone at all. Is your screen broken? Or is there something else going on with your device that is causing it to no longer work properly? Then try one of the repair options below during Green Friday 2023, so that your device works smoothly again!

  • Phone repair at Coolblue
  • Screen repair at MediaMarkt
  • Samsung repair at Samsung

Useful apps during Green Friday 2023

Of course there are plenty of apps that make it easier to live more sustainably. This way you can sell your old clothes on Vinted. You then earn money from it and make someone else happy with it.

At Too Good To Go you get complete food packages at a much lower price, so that less (or even no) food is wasted by companies such as Albert Heijn or a local restaurant. Do you only need something temporarily? Then borrow or rent stuff on Peerby! These are useful and sustainable apps:

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Or are you looking for another Apple product? Then be sure to take a look at the other Black Friday offers that we have collected for you.

AirPods Black Friday

AirPods Black Friday

iPad Black Friday

iPad Black Friday

Amac Black Friday

Amac Black Friday

HomePod Black Friday

HomePod Black Friday

The prices of the above products were provided to us prematurely by the partner. The partner may make adjustments to this during the actual Black Friday period. We therefore do our best to anticipate this as quickly as possible, to show you the right deal.

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